Our young scientists in the Space Station

Checking out the floating astronaut mannequin above our heads

 Our first graders snooze inside the Space Station.

Exploring the gazillions of buttons and levers and handles.  


We had a great field-trip with friends at the Carnegie Science Center today.  We love love love our Science Center, and have been members for about 5 years now, so we visit there frequently.  However, for today’s trip, we tried to focus a bit more on the SPACE exhibit, the Planetarium, and anything else Space-related as a way to reinforce all that we’ve learned this past semester in Astronomy.

The Space Station Replica was pretty awesome, but this mama was totally bummed out when we got the the part where I had hoped our kids (particularly the 1st graders) could experience weightlessness of  0 gravity, only to find out there was a 60 lb minimum to strap into the special harness.  Boo.

But there were so many other exhibits that everyone got to enjoy, so it didn’t really matter much.

I only snapped these few pics because, well… I was trying to keep track of my clan (sans daddy, which is always a bit harder), and those crazy kids were ALL over the place! 

I had a mighty proud home school-mom moment when we were in the Planetarium for their “Stars Over Pittsburgh” show, and my 3, 4 and especially 6 year old answered every question the woman asked the audience about the planets and stars overhead.  It was awesome for the kids too, being able to recognize some of the asterisms and constellations they’ve been learning about, and to see them shining SO brightly overhead, and without all the light pollution we’re used to dealing with.

Besides the space show, we also got to attend Freeze! which was a fantastic 1/2 hr show on Liquid Nitrogen, filled with lots of amazing experiments that had the kids (ok, and moms)  ooohing and ahhhing.  

It was a great day, and a very rewarding way to wrap up our semester studying Astronomy (we’ve got 2 weeks left).  I’m hoping to get back to the Science Center one more time with my daughter to view their Omnimax feature presentation on the Hubble Telescope.  

That’s it for now. 
Stay tuned for a full post featuring our finished paper mache solar system.

We love Science!