Yesterday, we threw a birthday party for our sweet three-year-old, Josiah.  Instead of our usual joint-family major birthday bash like we do for my other kiddos, we decided to have a smaller, friends party (having just seen both sides of the fam over the holidays, we wanted to keep it smaller, and let’s face it, unless you are a little kid, by Jan 1st you’re tired of parties and get-togethers AND you’re on a diet).Last year we had almost no… Read more »

Hello fellow mama.  How ya doing?  Hanging in there?  Me too.It’s early and things are still quiet here in my home right now–a rare lazy morning, and I’m glad to have a chance to sit here in front of my computer, make a few lists for my busy week, review our school schedule, and take a deep breath before the day starts.  But before I do that, I wanted to jot some thoughts down…a few things to do with raising… Read more »