Hi guys.
Some belated Birthday Party fun to share with you all.
My 3 year old, New Year’s Day baby, had a superhero themed birthday party a couple weeks ago, and I had fun preparing some indoor games and activities for the kids to enjoy.

I have wanted to make one of these surprise punch-through games for so long, and when I was getting geared up for this year’s party, it dawned on me how perfect it would be with our whole super hero theme…

Naturally, we called it:

How perfect is that?!  =]

This little homemade activity was an absolute HIT (wink, wink) with all our little party-goers.
And what was really great about it was that it cost nothing because it was made completely from recycled /free/ already-on-hand materials.

You could make one for any birthday party–what kid wouldn’t want to punch through some paper to retrieve a hidden surprise (candy, party favors, etc)?!  
I promise you, if you make one, kids will love it.

Ok, here are the how to’s:
Get a big box. A plain cardboard box will work just fine, even with that tape down the middle, which you could easily work around.

I happened to have the coolest box ever because my hunny had just given me that beauty pictured on the box for Christmas, but really, any large box would work.

Trace a whole bunch ‘o circles onto a large box (just make sure to make them big enough for a child’s fist to fit through, since they’ll be punching through that space).

Then cut them out carefully with a utility knife.

Because I am a crafter, I could not bear to toss out my 16 perfectly round cardboard discs, so I saved them and used them for a disc-throwing game.  The party-goers liked that one too, but not nearly as much as the Hulk Punch.

Now use whatever paint you have sitting around in your garage to paint the whole box.  Spray paint would also work like a charm for this project. 
I had this green and I thought it looked pretty hulk-ish, so I painted it on real quick.

While that was drying, I grabbed 16 small paper bags from my stash, and I cut the tops off, like so:

I needed these to fit into my box once I closed it, and the remaining length of each bag was about the depth of my box.
Next, I snipped each corner so I could fold each side down like this:
NEXT– on the inside of my big box, I glued down a square of construction paper (you could also use tissue paper) to cover each hole.  Tissue paper would of course be easier to punch through, and would maybe be better for smaller or less aggressive children.  
But this was a mostly boy superhero party.  
And I wanted the boys to really go all out and channel their inner hulk, so I used the stiffer construction paper.
Naturally, since the box was green, I wanted to use black to cover all the holes. 
All that black and green would look really hulk-ish.
 But of course I was out of black construction paper after only doing one row.  So basically I resisted the perfectionistic urge to go out to buy more black paper, and I simply used what I did have, which was various shades of green paper and one sheet of green painted paper from the paper stash.  
Kinda hodgepodge, but I reminded myself that the kids would not care.
Now of course you can use school  glue or tacky glue to glue these down instead of hot glue.  I used hot glue for the entire project because I wanted to be done lightening quick and I was too impatient to wait for glue to dry.

This is what it looked like from the front once I was done with all the paper gluing.  
Now for the secret compartments.  🙂
Basically, I hot glued around those little flaps I made on the paper bags and glued a bag over each of the squares.  But–I only glued down THREE of the paper bag flaps initially. This is really important because you need to leave a way to insert your prize into each bag, so don’t totally glue them shut yet!
Here is where I added each treat to the bags 
(in this case, superhero pez dispensers I scored at Toys’rUs on clearance after Christmas), and once the prize was in each bag, I hot glued that last flap down AND I jotted down which superhero was in each bag, and which ones contained candy only (just in case I had to rig anything during the actual game–ex: giving clues to the little girls where they could most likely punch through to get cat woman).

I just continued this process until it was finished: partially gluing the bag down, stuffing it, then sealing it off and writing down its contents, one at a time.  This took about 1/2 hr or so.

And then I just closed the box up with all those prize-filled compartments hidden inside.  

It took great restraint, I tell you, to NOT punch through one of the openings myself.  
I so wanted to give it a try, but I held back. for the children’s sake.

On party day, all the kids eagerly lined up to give it a try.
(my husband held it up for them and yelled and got the kids all pumped up before they punched through which was pretty awesome).  
Every kid got at least two punches.

Here are some action shots:

It was altogether rowdy and exciting and really quite fun.  =]

….Aaaand, since my box is ultra sturdy, I plan on storing it, then spray painting it in  spring, re-doing the secret compartments, and using it again at my big kids’ joint birthday bash.  

Our punch-through box, post-party, cleaned up and ready for another round of fun.  

That’s it for this tutorial.  See you next time!

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