Yesterday during the boys’ quiet time, my daughter found a bag of feathers in our craft supplies and asked me if she could use them to make a baby and mommy
set of owl puppets.
I was busy doing my own thing in the kitchen, and had no real time for crafting, so I only took a couple minutes to cut out an owl shape from cardboard, give her the bag of googly eyes, some glue, the feathers, and she was off on her own at the dining room table.
After a while, I peeked in and saw her owls turning out absolutely adorable and, of course, I couldn’t help but join in the fun.
Her idea for puppet-making came from an opening in one of our living room chairs where she and her brothers often play. 
She thought it looked like a perfect stage for a puppet show.
We went out back and found a tree branch near the woods, then we grabbed some other props from our craft supplies…a little nest, some moss, and a piece of scrap fabric which we draped for a curtain.
We created a cute woodland scene, just perfect for her owls.
After a while, she put on an exciting theater show for her brothers and me, in which mommy owl rescues baby owl from scary predators…alligators, to be precise.  🙂
I enjoy planning and doing crafts with my kiddos, but I think the ones THEY come up with on their own are even more special, and helping them bring their ideas to life is a way to let them know I value their input and creativity too.
Until next time…
Happy Fall Crafting!