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I found the lovliest pumpkin tutorial this week via (in)courage and I basically had everything on hand to do my own version, with a few modifications.  I think these turned out beautifully, and it only took me a few hours total. 
I spent one evening making my scripture tags, and the next morning spray painting my pumpkins and distressing them outside while the kids played.
I am pleased with how they turned out~Don’t you just love white pumpkins?  But mostly, I love that I now have a great reminder to embrace this scriptural mandate to give thanks in ALL things. 

Jennifer from StudioJRU was the one who posted this tutorial, and for hers, she used paper tags stained with coffee which looked great!  I didn’t have paper tags, but I knew in my scrapbooking supplies, I had seen some chipboard tags.  I dug those up, and though I didn’t have enough, I made a couple of extras using a piece of scrap chipboard I had saved from some other project.  If you don’t have any chipboard, or any paper tags in your crafting supplies, you could very easily make your own tags from a piece of thin, firm cardboard such as the kind at the back of a notebook. 
All you have to do is cut a rectangular piece, hole punch it in the center, and trim the two top corners, and you have a tag.
For my tags, I just used a tan colored acrylic paint I had on hand, and mottled it a bit with a dark brown in some places.  Then I used black to outline the edges here and there for some definition.
In the original tutorial, Jennifer uses her beautiful stamp collection to stamp out the words on her tags.  I only have a couple stamp sets, but again, in my scrapbooking supplies I found some black rub-on letters (which I used for the words “IN” and “THANKS”) and some chipboard letters, which I painted black (the word “GIVE”).  {and yes, the word “GIVE” is missing the dot for the “i”  Not sure what happened to it!}
I then used my mini letters-stamp set to stamp out the word “everything” as well as the scripture reference.  Then, all that was left was to add a piece of twine to each tag, and they were done!
Now for the pumpkins. 
I found a few already-white pumpkins in the clearance bin at Michael’s, and all they needed was a bit of distressing.  The pumpkin on the left in the picture was originally orange, but I spray painted it ivory, then aged it. 
I got on a roll spraying and aging pumpkins, and ended up doing a couple more for around the house.  This one sits in our powder bathroom, and I even made a little tag for it too. This pumpkin was originally a shiny red and only cost me $1!
The distressing, or aging of the pumpkins was really easy.  I followed the instructions from the tutorial and watered down some dark brown acrylic paint, painted it on, and after a couple minutes, I wiped most of it off. 
The more nooks and crannies you have on your pumpkin, the better.  Mine were pretty smooth, so I didn’t have a lot of places for the brown paint to stick. 
 See how it’s looking much more natural after getting stained?


Here is one already-aged pumpkin sitting next to one way-too-white pumpkin. 
You’ll notice in these pics, I hadn’t painted the stems yet either, so they are looking pretty bad. To repaint the stems, I used mostly black and some tan acrylic paint to make them look more realistic.  It was helpful to have a few REAL pumpkins around for reference!
Here is a close up of a finished pumpkin stem:
Once my pumpkins were done, I set them up on our shelf just inside the front door where we also store our kids’ shoe baskets.  I added a bird’s nest we found last spring, a tealight, a pinecone and a couple other nature-y items to complete the display.

What a great daily reminder to be thankful each and every day, regardless of circumstances!
Thanks to Jennifer at Studio JRU for a great tutorial. 
Happy Crafty Fall Decorating, everyone, and remember,
“In Everything, Give Thanks.” 1 Thes. 5:18

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  1. Jennifer {Studio JRU}

    Oh this looks amazing, Joanna! Just beautiful. I love how you were able to do this with supplies you already had. Great job with the distressing… they look so neat! I love how you used a variety of fonts for your tags. So happy you shared the finished project with me… thank you! 🙂

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