How’s that for a title!?A few years ago, this recipe won first place in a Food Network Chicken Dish contest.  The grand prize was $100,000 and at that time, it was featured in their magazine with the other award winners. I am always looking for new chicken recipes, and because this recipe won first place, I pretty much knew it had to be good.  What I was not prepared for was HOW GOOD it is.  Since then, I have probably made it a… Read more »

Hi Everyone!I found the lovliest pumpkin tutorial this week via (in)courage and I basically had everything on hand to do my own version, with a few modifications.  I think these turned out beautifully, and it only took me a few hours total.  I spent one evening making my scripture tags, and the next morning spray painting my pumpkins and distressing them outside while the kids played.   I am pleased with how they turned out~Don’t you just love white pumpkins?  But mostly, I love that… Read more »

  Yesterday during the boys’ quiet time, my daughter found a bag of feathers in our craft supplies and asked me if she could use them to make a baby and mommy set of owl puppets. I was busy doing my own thing in the kitchen, and had no real time for crafting, so I only took a couple minutes to cut out an owl shape from cardboard, give her the bag of googly eyes, some glue, the feathers, and she was off on her… Read more »

Happy Fall Ya’ll!I am sure many of you, like us, have been out collecting leaves and acorns and pinecones and whatever other nature treasures you’ve been finding with your kids in the great outdoors.  This is just THE best time of the year to be out and about exploring and enjoying the beauty of God’s earth.  If you haven’t been out much, ya better get out there quick–you know how quickly fall’s glory fades into winter’s long cold.Several months ago, I… Read more »

Here is a yummy, one-bowl banana bread recipe I’ve been making these days, courtesy of Smitten Kitchen. It’s banana bread with a twist–it crackles from a quarter cup of uncooked millet that is added to the batter.  As Deb at Smitten Kitchen says, it’s “as fun to eat as bubble wrap is to pop!”  She’s right on, and millet isn’t the only thing making it a healthier version of everyone’s favorite breakfast bread; it also calls for olive oil in… Read more »

Here is a simple, hands-on activity for teaching the layers of the earth.  We did this just this morning and all the kids enjoyed it.   Our earth’s layers are: The CRUST, the MANTLE, the OUTER CORE and the INNER CORE.   So to do this, you’ll need four pieces of play-doh in differing colors.   We chose to make the crust out of mixed blue and green to show land and oceans, but you could use whatever you have. We… Read more »

The kids’ arts and crafts section of the library is a dangerous place for me to browse with my daughter.  We get REALLY distracted when we start thumbing through books on those shelves.  There are  oodles of arts and crafts books just overflowing with ideas, just waiting to be tried.  But–we have to resist.  For heaven sakes, we are busy enough as is with all the extra things we’re already doing each week in the arts and crafts department to supplement our science and… Read more »

“Almanzo stopped just a minute in the pantry door. Mother was straining the milk, at the far end of the long pantry; her back was toward him. The shelves on both sides were loaded with good things to eat. Big yellow cheeses were stacked there, and large brown cakes of maple sugar, and there were crusty loaves of fresh-baked bread, and four large cakes, and one whole shelf full of pies. One of the pies was cut, and a little piece… Read more »