Thanks, Dad, for inspiring me to try this idea! 
It was surprisingly easy to do, looked absolutely beautiful, and tasted delicious.
A couple of times a week, we make scrambled eggs with sauteed peppers, onions, cheeses and herbs added–just about everyone in this family likes their eggs jazzed up with all those healthy goodies.
 But what I loved about this fun flower-in-egg breakfast idea was that I didn’t even have to chop my veggies up, so right off the bat, I saved time there. 
I simply sliced a couple of rings of peppers and onions.
I added these to the fying pan to saute with some melted butter.  I just played around with the flower designs.  Then, I flipped them over once the first side sauteed for a few minutes (being careful not to let the onion rings separate).

Then–I whisked one egg in a bowl, and poured a bit of the egg into each flower. 
Each one only got about 1/4 of the beaten egg, so it fried up quickly, and there was no need to flip them over.  Be careful when you’re pouring not to totally cover up the centers of the flowers.
A bit of the egg ran out as I was taking this pic, but I just tucked it under the red pepper (which is why that one is a bit messier).  But who cares!
I added some cilantro because I absolutley love it, but you could add whatever herb you enjoy. 
That’s it–plate them up, add some salt and pepper, and enjoy!  I just love how the purple onion slices look like little roses!  So pretty!
What other combinations of veggies, herbs or cheese would work well (and look lovely)?  The sky is the limit so why not give it a try. 
If I owned a bed and breakfast, I think I would serve these up to wow my guests at breakfast. They’re so charming, don’t you think?  

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