I am just finishing up the final stages of the veneer repair on my farmhouse dining table, and so my thoughts are now turning towards staining and painting.
My original plan was to go for this two-toned farmhouse look–wood stained top with black-brown base and chairs.

Now, however, I am having second thoughts about the dark base and chairs.
Our dining room is SMALL–basically all that will fit into it is the table and chairs, with not a lot of room to walk around.  No other furniture can fit, and there is one window with natural light coming in–not a wall of windows, or magazine-esque french doors with light flooding in.  So I guess I am just concerned that a dark finish will make the room feel smaller and darker.

Here is the same style table in a french white finish:

While the lighter look is a lot closer to the look of my set as it is right now, I am still planning on repainting and re-distressing the chairs and table base regardless of the color I choose, because they look so awful right now (particularly the chairs).  The chairs will also need reupholstered either way.

So what to do, what to do?!  Here is another pic of a two-toned white table that I love…I like the extra distressing they did on this one.  So great.
But the dark is so pretty, isn’t it?
And if I DO go with a light base and chairs, I want the table top to be stained really dark, like this:
I gotta say, I am leaning towards the creamy white base right now!
Decisions, decisions!
{UPDATE: Click here to see how my farm table redo turned out and view all the before-and-after pictures! }

Leave a comment and let me know what you think looks best!

5 thoughts on “Farmhouse Dining Room Set–Light or Dark?

  1. Jamie Longo

    Hi, your table came out great! Nice job. I’m wondering though if you know where you got the example photo you used with the dark base & top that included the chairs with cushions? I am looking to purchase a set and it’s very close to what I want. Thanks.

  2. Bethany Shiloh

    You’re welcome. The dark and the creamy white will be a beautiful contrast…I can’t wait to see the pics of the finished product. I am so impressed that you tackled this project in the midst of caring for a husband & 4 kids, house hold work, homeschooling etc. I hope I am as ambitious and multi-tasking as you’re when I’m a wife and mom someday. 🙂

  3. Crafty Homeschool Mama

    Well, the table sorta did its own thing once I started mixing those stains and laying them down…I have lots of different color tones coming out, and it looks really pretty–very dark too. I have decided to do the base and the chairs creamy white. Thanks for your input B!

  4. Bethany Shiloh

    Well you have a very country/nature feel to your home decor with brown and black accents…and being that you have 3 boys and not just any boys but Silveira boys who play hard and rough….the white/cream table will take quite a beating and you may end up finding yourself repainting it multiple times.With that said…since browns and blacks are your colors and would show less marks and nicks especiallly if the boys might think the table is an art canvas to draw on i would go with a light wood & black….but the areas that are black do the two toned wood there with the lighter wood to match the top so it isnt so dark…add colorful or white accents via art work, picture frames, window treatments, table top accents and seat covers to lighten the room up. 🙂 Well those are my suggestions hope that helps. Love Bethy

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