Just a few things that make teachers very, very happy: ~Electric pencil sharpeners and the smell of newly sharpened pencils ~Fresh starts each fall ~New curriculum and books ~A totally clean and organized learning space ~The feeling of being (somewhat) prepared ~The thought of all the wonderful adventures awaiting you and your students each and every new school year.  And if you’re at least somewhat of a traditional teacher, you also appreciate a good old-fashioned chalkboard too.  Well, I know I… Read more »

Deep sigh of relief over here–the wood veneer is glued in place on my table and it looks great!I’m so excited to share this part of the project with you because I totally ventured out into uncharted waters with this, and while I am certainly not a wood-working pro, I am thrilled that I have learned how to do something totally new and unfamiliar to me–and that I was able to do it successfully!  Has it required a pretty structured naptime routine for… Read more »

I am just finishing up the final stages of the veneer repair on my farmhouse dining table, and so my thoughts are now turning towards staining and painting. My original plan was to go for this two-toned farmhouse look–wood stained top with black-brown base and chairs. Now, however, I am having second thoughts about the dark base and chairs. Our dining room is SMALL–basically all that will fit into it is the table and chairs, with not a lot of… Read more »

Thanks, Dad, for inspiring me to try this idea!  It was surprisingly easy to do, looked absolutely beautiful, and tasted delicious. A couple of times a week, we make scrambled eggs with sauteed peppers, onions, cheeses and herbs added–just about everyone in this family likes their eggs jazzed up with all those healthy goodies.  But what I loved about this fun flower-in-egg breakfast idea was that I didn’t even have to chop my veggies up, so right off the bat, I saved… Read more »

As if anyone out there cares… Ok, if you HAPPEN to be repairing or preparing a particle board (or MDF for that matter) substrate to lay wood veneer, here is what you need to do. (and for the record, my information is coming from a few helpful woodworking pros in various online forums. I’m so glad these people are out there to answer all my silly questions). Step 1 Sand down, as best you can, any rough or slightly swollen areas in… Read more »