If you’re like us, you’ve been LIVING at the pool these past weeks in order to survive this heat wave.
While we do love going to the pool, we are a BIT “pooled out” to be honest.
If you are also looking for other (easy and affordable) ways to cool off in this heat, why not
Try this fun back yard activity with your kiddos!
Make a fleet of Ice Boats!
1. Gather some of these:
2. Then this stuff:
3. Recruit a few of these:
4. Have them help you do this:
5. Then make them go gather an assortment of little TOYS
 and meanwhile….
6. Mix some food coloring and water if you want your boats to be colorful:
7. Carefully place (or tape) everyone in their “boats,” then fill like so:
[Feel free to snap a few more pictures of the adorably cute and excited helpers at this point]:
8. Place boats in here for several hours until frozen:
9. While you wait, cut out, decorate, and hole punch some of these:
10. When ready, thaw boats in the sunshine for a few minutes as you add the sails:
Enjoy some icy fun!

Happy Summer Crafting and stay cool out there!
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