Have you tried making CLOUD DOUGH yet?
This was our first attempt, and it was certainly enjoyed by the kids (ages 2, 4 and 6).
I have seen many “recipes” for cloud dough which only call for white flour and baby oil, but when I saw the idea of adding a piece of crushed sidewalk chalk to it to add some rainbow-y color, I knew it would be a big hit. 
We took it to another level by adding glitter to ours too.  🙂
FIRST, find some sidewalk chalk (we have TONS around here) and pick what color you will want your dough to be.
Then we got set up on the picnic table outside.
NOTE: I would never, ever, ever try making this indoors
We all made an absolute mess and I was so glad that all I had to do was hose everything down when we were done.  I WILL say that the dough itself cleans up very easily…and leaves hands smelling great too (since the recipe calls for baby oil).
* 8 parts flour
* 1 part baby oil
* 1 piece of chalk, crushed
*sparkles / glitter
*  Somehow before we got started, an unnamed boy got a hold of the watering hose and our chalk pieces got soaking wet— which is why they look so dark in the pics
Here are my little participants, ready to go
(the cutest scientist ever and her two silly sidekicks)
Place chalk into gallon sized zip lock bag
Smash chalk until powdery.
Add flour and seal up the bag.
Toss around several times to mix chalk dust and flour
(this part was greatly enjoyed by the toddler boys).
Add baby oil. 
Ok, to be honest, we didn’t pay THAT much attention to the flour / oil ratio, and so we had to keep adding more of each until we reached the desired consistency for each child’s bag of dough…KINDA tricky because I was unsure of what it was supposed to feel like since I had never made cloud dough before.  This stuff is VERY different from playdough, or gak or anything else I’ve ever made. 
So it took us some trial and error. 
Add the glitter!!
…and time to start playing!
See how interesting the dough looks? 
It crumbles up, but can also be molded. 
And shaped into the most realistic looking pretend ice cream… mmmm
Or into sparkly rainbow cupcakes!
WITH tiny fairy decorations
This little activity kept my kiddos at the picnic table ALL MORNING LONG, enjoying hours of backyard fun! 
We smashed all of our colors together in the end since they were already pretty well mixed.
Cloud dough can be saved and stored in a plastic zip lock bag, and reused over and over again.
What a great backyard summer activity!
See you next time…