Above is a photo of our new *used* dining room set, as I first saw it listed on Craigslist. 
When I saw the ad last week, I couldn’t believe it–it was just the style I was looking for, and I was sure it would get snatched up by someone else if I didn’t act quick.
I called the owner immediately and went out that night to see it. 
A couple days later, we brought it home. 
Isn’t it just lovely?  Can you see its potential?  I love the arm chairs, love the beautiful farmhouse table legs, the width of the table, the planks, and the traditional farm table drawers on each end! 

And oh my goodness, did I love the price!!!
The owner first listed it for $700 (dream on), but then ended up reducing it to $200.  But she got so impatient to sell the thing because they were moving, that she reduced it again to a firm $100.
Seriously, I was so excited. 
A hundred bucks for a lovely farmhouse table and six beautiful chairs??!
Sold and sold!

The set is about 10 years old.
The chairs have held up wonderfully…still very sturdy and strong.  The previous owner also had four children, so when she bought this set, she had vinyl added to the seat cushions right away to protect them.  So underneath the dingy vinyl, the fabric is brand new.

Still, my plan (once I paint the chairs) is to replace the fabric to a cream or tan..I cringe at the thought of covering them with vinyl once I am done, but I am pretty sure I’ll do it anyway, or else they will be destroyed by MY four kids. 
And here is the beautiful farmhouse table top…the wood veneer top is in great shape for refinishing, ummm…..minus the HUGE burn!
Ok. This is the only part of my project where I feel a little bit out of my league.
 The burn is really deep-it went right through the thin veneer and what is showing is the pressed wood base.  This is a BIG problem, because I can’t just strip, sand and stain the top like a typical refinishing project–the veneer has to be repaired at some point.
So I think I am going to attempt a veneer patch, but I need more advise before trying it.  The other option is to remove all the veneer from both of the two center planks, and replace those sections completely (this is probably what the pros would recommend). 
I’ll admit, I’m scaeeered of this part of my project! 
What to do, what to do??

Well, for today, I’ll just let the boys have a little more fun with it while I watch a few more veneer patching videos on youtube. 

Tomorrow, we’re gettin’ down to business.  😉


…In case you missed the original post, here are my inspiration pieces for this project….

2 thoughts on “Farm Table Makeover~The BEFORE pics

  1. Crafty Homeschool Mama

    Thank you so much, Bob! That is very kind of you, especially considering your line of work 😉
    I am really, truly enjoying this project so much, and only wish I had more extra time so I could get it done a bit quicker! As it is right now, it’s pretty slow going, though the top is nearly finished. I just shot you a question via email regarding veneer…thought perhaps you may be able to lend some advice. Your work is lovely.
    thanks and God bless,

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