Hey friends.
Want to come alongside as I tackle a new D.I.Y project?
This is one I am super excited about.
And a tiny bit nervous. 
But mostly excited.

So, here’s the deal.  We just welcomed our fourth child into the fam last month, and when I was pregnant with him, about the only thing I really wanted to change around our house was our dining situation. 

For the past 2 1/2 years, we have been squishing 5 people around a 4-person round glass table in our breakfast nook.
We have a small, formal dining room, but over the years, we have used it for many things other than for dining. 
It is currently empty, but it’s been repainted, and decorated, and is just awaiting a dining room table set…one that can actually fit SIX people comfortably

We all know how important it is for families to sit down and share meals together, and frankly, this has been a hassle around here for the past couple of years …and so with the addition of our newest lil’ man, we started actively looking for a table.

Practicality and Style

Anyone with half a brain knows that 4 little kids=DEATH to any fancy shmancy table I may have otherwise been willing to consider.

So I immediately thought distressed table top would be the way to go…like maybe reclaimed barn wood or something. 
I want something that can actually get nicked and banged up and no one will notice or care…a table that will look even cooler as it ages.

Well, come to find out, it’s quite the expensive proposition to buy a piece of furniture made of reclaimed barn wood.  I mean, sheesh oh man…wow.  So unless I find an old barn, claim (or is it reclaim?) the wood myself, and figure out how to build a table, I won’t be getting one anytime soon.
But still–
I absolutely love the farmhouse table style.  It totally fits with the look of our house, and the rustic nature of this style would be a perfect match for my lively bunch who will surely give it a beating over the years. 
So in this way, I started narrowing down my search — looking only for farmhouse tables.

Now on to the other details.
When it comes to finishes, I am totally in love with two-tone dining sets…specifically, black-brown base and chairs, lighter oak or pine top, and distressed edging.  Here are some of the sets I have seen lately that I have really been drawn to:

{ From Pottery Barn: }
I so love the bench idea too…I am seriously considering that as an option for my kiddos!
{ From Macy’s: }
I even started saving up for the Macy’s set, and got nearly half-way there by pinching pennies, saving coins, Craigslisting several things, doing a few Homeschool evals, and stashing away cash gifts from family members who knew we were saving for a table (because who honestly has a pile of extra cash laying around for buying new furniture??).
So. Are you wondering where the Do-It-Yourself part of this post comes in?
Well.  While I was saving, I continued searching and scouring Craigslist for weeks and weeks, hoping and waiting for something to pop up that we could make work for a lot less.
And then, the other day… I found something.
Something I think will work.
So now, I have a pretty major DIY project on my hands, and because I am just weird like that,
I absolutely can’t wait to get started!
Want to come along?  If so,
Stop back tomorrow to see the official BEFORE pictures of
my new *used* dining room table set
and find out how much I paid for it!
Then follow along as I do my best to make it beautiful.
I think I MAY need some cheer leading, some advice, and a bit of accountability to stick with it and get the job done. 
But I totally think it will be worth it in the end!
This is gonna be fun…right?  😉
See you tomorrow!