Happy Mother’s Day!
So…I haven’t been much of a blogger these days and I truly am sorry.  It’s certainly not for lack of crafty things we’ve been up to.  But this mama is oh-so-pregnant and oh-so-TIRED and sitting at my desk to type just isn’t the most comfortable thing in all the world to do.
BUT–I couldn’t NOT share this one with ya.
Here are a couple of homemade projects we created for our mamas this year. 
I have wanted to create these ever since I saw something similar on pinterest a few months ago.
It’s a family of clothespin people!!–AND, it’s
the perfect family portrait
you know, since actually getting a GOOD PHOTO with everyone seems to be SO DIFFICULT the larger your family is…
Now Mom can hang this one up and call it a day!
My 6 year old helped me out a bit with these (painting all the faces and most of the solid colors of clothing), but I have to say I had so much fun working on it myself!
As I finished each family member, and before they were glued down, my kids had a great time playing with them.
I seriously can’t wait to give these to our moms and let them guess who is who in each portrait.
(and just for the record, it was my daughter’s doing to put me in those flower pants).
My husband and I both have big families, but on HIS side, we are the only ones with kiddos so far…
So our family portrait for his side includes (L to R):
Christian’s brothers: Luke, Jordan and Josh, his parents: Robin and Victor, then Christian, me, and our kiddos. 

But on MY side of the fam, there are my parents, 6 of us kids, each with a significant other, PLUS 15 grandchildren!  That’s almost 30 people, so needlesstosay, I modified the project for my side and only did a grandkids portrait.
I won’t actually get to see my Mom tomorrow so I have a few days to finish hers up, but here it is anyway:
Since this one was all kids, I had a little more fun with the colors. 
Doesn’t everyone look so cute?
For this portrait, I used almost all small clothespin people (except for my 15 and 13 year old nephew and niece who seem so daggone grown up these days!).
 To better show who’s who, I left a small space between each set of siblings.
So, left to right: 
There’s my sister Hannah’s kiddos: Haylee and Micah
My sister Abby’s step-kiddos come August when she ties the knot: Dale, Lexi, Hannah and Lilly
My sister Cece’s kids in the middle: Alanna, Forrest and Trevor
My sweeties: Eden, Joshua, Josiah and our baby-to-be
My brother Israel’s kiddos: Taylor and Gavin
And YES, I know it’s kind of silly to include our newest addition (due next month), but I just couldn’t stand not including him/her, so I went ahead and made a neutrally clothed wee one in each portrait to represent the little guy or gal.  =]

Project How To’s:
For this project, I bought a bag of small clothespins and regular sized clothespins from the craft store. 
I also purchased 2 oval wooden plaques
I did not have to buy any paint as we have lots and lots of acrylic paint in our craft supplies, as well as a can of spray sealer in the garage.

I used wire cutters and my all-purpose heavy duty scissors to trim down the small clothespins to make even smaller babies and toddlers.
Once everything was painted, I glued each person in place, hand wrote “family” at the bottom (I think I’ll write “blessed” on my Mom’s grandkids’ portrait), then sealed them. 
I’m not totally sure I’m loving the shine from the sealer, and I am sure you can buy a matte finish sealer instead so I think I’ll use that on the next one.
Finally, I picked up a little pack of small “self-leveling” picture hangers from the hardware store, and nailed it onto the back so the whole thing could be hung up.
That’s it.  It took about one day of painting on and off to finish each one.
This is not only a great Mother’s Day gift, but it would be a wonderful Father’s Day  or Christmas gift too!
In fact, this would be a good choice for those hard-to-buy for grandmas and grandpas, don’t you think?
I have to warn you, once you get painting those little outfits on your little clothespin people, it’s hard to stop!  We have quite an assortment laying around the house now for the kids to play with.
 So much creative fun.
Well, until next time,
Happy Mom’s Day to all the mamas out there and happy crafting to all.

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  1. Crafty Homeschool Mama

    Thanks Becki! It was a super fun project.
    I hope you guys are adjusting to your new home..i just checked out the pics of your back yard and must say I am so jealous!! Lol. Hugs to you!

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