It’s 10:30a.m. here as I sit down at my quiet desk to write this post. My three kiddos are outside making mudpies for an army of dolls and stuffed animals (we’ve had lots of rain lately), and I just switched out the laundry and folded a load of towels.  My house is fairly clean–for THIS moment anyway–and I actually have a plan for dinner. Homeschooling–the more formal part of our routine at least–is happily done for the day.  This includes… Read more »

Happy Mother’s Day! So…I haven’t been much of a blogger these days and I truly am sorry.  It’s certainly not for lack of crafty things we’ve been up to.  But this mama is oh-so-pregnant and oh-so-TIRED and sitting at my desk to type just isn’t the most comfortable thing in all the world to do. BUT–I couldn’t NOT share this one with ya. Here are a couple of homemade projects we created for our mamas this year.  I have wanted to create these ever since… Read more »