For the past two months during our weekly time of Family Fellowship, we’ve been working our way through the wonderful children’s book, The Lamb by John R. Cross.
This is our oldest child’s second time going through this powerful salvation storybook, and I would have to say it’s had even more of an impact on her the second time around. 
Our oldest son (almost 4, and who had never heard it) has also been completely taken with the story each week, and always begs that we go on to the next lesson / chapter as soon as we finish the one we’re on.  It is certainly something they look forward to each weekend, and I would HIGHLY recommend it to any parent.
Anyway, I always try to do a little craft with the kiddos once we are done with our lesson and time of family worship, and while I don’t always have time to blog about these simple Sunday-school type crafts, many of them really are very meaningful (and darling). 
This week we did this sweet little lamb craft.
 I thought they turned out adorably, and the activity was appropriate for and enjoyed by our (nearly) four and (nearly) six year old alike. 
This is pretty simple, and I bet you already have all these materials in your house right now.
Supplies Needed:
:: Toilet-paper roll, cut in half
:: Several cotton balls, but or torn into 4-6 pieces each
:: 4 clothespins
:: Black tempura paint & paintbrush
:: All-purpose glue
:: Black construction paper to cut out shape of lamb’s head
:: Small black pom-pom for tail
:: Two wiggly eyes
*If you don’t want to mess with painting clothespins, you can also use black pipe-cleaners for the legs.  Just cut 2 of them in half, roll them up tightly around a pencil, and glue into place.

Paint each of the clothespins first using the black paint.  Leave to dry.
Spread glue on 1/3 – 1/2 of of the toilet paper roll at a time, and press lots of little cotton  ball pieces into it.
Repeat with remaining roll.  Make as fluffy as you desire.
Glue wiggly eyes onto the black lamb’s head, and glue head onto the sheep’s body.
Once the clothespin legs are dried, clip them on in place, 2 in front and 2 in back. Adjust as needed to make the lamb stand up straight. Gluing them in place is optional (we didn’t).
Now glue the pom-pom tail on the back.
That’s it, you’re done. 
…unless you have a little girl like mine who begs you to let her make her sheep “girly” (despite the fact that sacrificial lambs were always male lambs).  I rationalized giving in to this request by telling myself that these little lambs would or could have been adored household pets, and maybe, just maybe, little boys and girls enjoyed tying bows on them back then too. 🙂
 These two rather look like they’re ready for Easter Sunday!
Happy Crafting! 🙂

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