Horray for FINISHED projects!  
And honestly, I think this one turned out GREAT.
(Thanks ONCE AGAIN to Gail, a.k.a., That Artist Woman, whose post was the original source of my inspiration).

Ok, I’ll just pick up right up where I left off from part 1 last week….
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I don’t have a picture of it, but I used a toothbrush to do some “star speckling” on the black canvas.  Then, after painting each of the buildings (with acrylic paint), trying my best to match the colors to my boys’ bedding, I used tacky glue to glue them down on the canvas.  The one I am holding up in this photo was actually surprisingly heavy–all that cardboard, glue, joint compound and paint really adds up!

 I then finished adding all the windows to the buildings.  I took WAY too long to decide what kinds of windows to put on which buildings, and my indecisiveness was dragging this project out FOREVER.  So finally, I stopped overthinking things and just started gluing them down.  I followed That Artist Woman’s lead here too…I’ve noticed she often uses old book pages in her art projects, and since it’s a look I rather like, I gave it a try on the brown and red buildings.

Here are the buildings all lined up, getting their windows glued on! 
So pretty!

So next, I cut out a little crescent moon from a thick backing of a drawing pad/notebook, and painted it with 3 coats of acrylic yellow paint before I glued it down. I liked the pop of yellow it added, even though this wasn’t part of my main color palette for this project. 

It lightened things up a bit too, which I liked.

Aaaand, here is the ALMOST finished piece, ready to get mod podged!  I took it outside to do this because we have been having the MOST glorious weather lately and I didn’t want to miss any of it.
You can also see a few sequin stars that I added to the sky (left from a mixed confetti packet I had in my supplies).

Which building is your favorite?  I love the green one, and also the little red one…I like how the “stitched” border looks on it.  I decided to add that because it’s a detail I like on my boys’ bedding, which was where my color inspiration came from.

Alrighty.  Here goes the Mod!  My kindergartner helped me with this part, while the boys were napping.  We’re a good team, though I did have some crazy brush strokes on that canvas, thanks to her.

If you don’t use Mod Podge much, you may not know that it’s a GREAT sealer for so MANY different projects.  Also, if you are using it for the first-time, don’t be alarmed when everything looks like the picture below…it dries nice and shiny and clear, and gives your work a finished look.  By the way, for applying both the Mod AND the paint on the drywall compound, I found that a foam brush worked best BY FAR to get into all the grooves and uneven surfaces.

I promise I’ll snap a pic of the finished shiny-coated artwork hanging in my boys’ room sometime in the next day or two–we left the piece to dry, and started to play in the backyard, and before I knew it, it was too late and too dark to get a good picture of it in their room.
But in the meantime, here is a sneak-peek at another drywall-compound project I will be putting up on my boys’ wall..I am thinking of doing 2 more of these–different makes and models–to have a little collection of super-cool texturized antique cars hanging above their dresser!

Well? Are you inspired to make some of your own art with drywall compound yet? 
It’s loads of fun–you have to try it sometime (or come help me with my unfinished projects!)  🙂
More coming soon…so stay tuned.
Happy Art-Making!

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