Hi All!

As you may know, we are gearing up and getting ready for
kiddo #4 around here
(only 3 1/2 more months, woot, woot!)!
And as always, this is about the time in pregnancy when I start re-thinking bedroom situations, storage, organization, etc, since I know full well that life will get a little crazy once the new bebe arrives.

We recently did a room switch to move our 2 growing boys into the larger bedroom which had been our daughter’s.  Our boys are awaiting their bunk beds, and I’m trying to jazz things up in their room, which always gets neglected a bit compared to their big sister’s. 🙂


I’m trying to freshen things up but at the same time, spend the absolute minimum possible, and the best way I know how to do that is by repainting, which we have already done, thanks to help from awesome family members.

Currently, I’m trying to get creative with their wall decor.
So what perfect timing it was to find this GREAT post from
That Artist Woman‘s Blog. 
She is basically my hero for all things art.
I’ve been looking at this project over and over again for the past few days,
and slowly it occurred to me that
I had EVERYTHING in my house to do the entire project myself (read: no cost!). 
So, today, as soon as we finished up our a.m. homeschooling, we busted out the art supplies and got down to business. 
We got a lot done, and I gotta say–so far,
this project has been such a BLAST!
My kids and I were totally into it, and we all had a big, fun, messy time working with the dry wall compound
(once the 2 year old was soundly napping).

I already had a used canvas that I wanted to paint over and do something original with,
and I thought it work well for this project. 
It was really exciting to paint the slate clean, so to speak, knowing that very soon it will be covered in our very own
Here is my boy applying the first coat of paint for me since he is a total paint-fanatic. I smoothed things out nicely on the second coat.  🙂
The finished product will be a 3-D night time CITYSCAPE.
The buildings themselves are not only textured, but they are different depths.
Basically, the idea is to use cardboard or chipboard (or whatever you want), cover it with dry wall compound, texturize it, let it dry, then paint it.
To make some buildings “thicker” than others, I just glued together numerous pieces of cardboard.
Honestly, I really followed the directions from That Artist Woman‘s blog and didn’t alter it a whole lot, so for
all the details you need, just visit her site.
(the biggest difference is that mine will be quite a bit LARGER than the one featured on her site).

However, just for fun, I thought I’d share a few pics of what we did here today.
To see the finished product, you’ll have to check back a few days from now.

To get everything ready, first I stacked and glued together strips of cardboard to create buildings of varying thickness.  The thickest one we did was 6 pieces.

Here you can see some of the differing depths of our buildings, and also how each building looks before and after we applied the compound. 

The kids and I worked together to cover each piece in dry wall compound, then we used washers and other items to texturize each building.

The kids really enjoyed this part.
And yes–
We went through A LOT of paper towels, wipes and hand-washings!

Don’t they look COOL so far?!

We used several different kinds of washers, nails, and other odds and ends from daddy’s toolbox to decorate the buildings.

We used a math linking cube to make the squares-with-circles imprints.  Toothpicks worked great for scraping out lines.
The stucco effect on the building on the left was done using crumpled tin foil.  A piece of a rubber mat was used to texturize the top of the building on the right…just lots of found objects from around the house.
We purposefully left a couple buildings plain so we can decorate them after they’re painted.

Well, that’s all we got done for today. 

Time permitting, we’ll start painting tomorrow, and adding finishing details to all the buildings before we glue it all down to the canvas!
I gotta say I just love the vertical nature of this artwork so far…I’m thinking it will look really nice with my boys’ striped bedding.

Honestly, I will just be SO THRILLED if it actually looks half way decent up on the wall–especially since I didn’t spend any money to create it.

We have a couple of other mixed media projects going on right now that also involve dry wall compound, so stay tuned to see those in the coming days!


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