Horray for FINISHED projects!   And honestly, I think this one turned out GREAT. (Thanks ONCE AGAIN to Gail, a.k.a., That Artist Woman, whose post was the original source of my inspiration). Ok, I’ll just pick up right up where I left off from part 1 last week….Missed that post? Click here. I don’t have a picture of it, but I used a toothbrush to do some “star speckling” on the black canvas.  Then, after painting each of the buildings (with acrylic paint), trying my best to match… Read more »

Hi All! As you may know, we are gearing up and getting ready for kiddo #4 around here (only 3 1/2 more months, woot, woot!)! And as always, this is about the time in pregnancy when I start re-thinking bedroom situations, storage, organization, etc, since I know full well that life will get a little crazy once the new bebe arrives.   We recently did a room switch to move our 2 growing boys into the larger bedroom which had been our daughter’s. … Read more »

For the past two months during our weekly time of Family Fellowship, we’ve been working our way through the wonderful children’s book, The Lamb by John R. Cross. This is our oldest child’s second time going through this powerful salvation storybook, and I would have to say it’s had even more of an impact on her the second time around.  Our oldest son (almost 4, and who had never heard it) has also been completely taken with the story each… Read more »

Check out what we’ve been up to…how cool is this?  That’s our very own neighborhood on our kitchen floor!  Talk about FUN in geography! And–not to mention, a PERFECT way to keep the kids busy indoors during the winter months.  We’ve been doing maps, maps, and more maps in our K-1 geography with my daughter.  We’ve done world maps, classroom maps, city maps, and maps of fairy tale land.  As we’re finishing up this unit, I thought, what better way to… Read more »