Here’s another fun spelling activity to try with your students!
In a quart or gallon sized zip-lock storage bag, mix a very small amount (half the size of a small pea) of gel food coloring into approximately 1 cup of white table sugar.
The sugar acts like a sand when you’re drawing in it, but if you are concerned that your little ones will try to EAT it, you could always use salt or white rice. 
Both of these would color up very nicely using the gel food colorings.
Just keep mixing and turning the sugar (or salt or rice) until all of the coloring has been incorporated.
Then pour it all into a plastic container that is long and shallow enough for little hands to easily reach into.
Naturally, my daughter was delighted over the idea of using
to practice her spelling words! 

Time to get spelling!


It’s best not to put TOO much sugar into the container since you want your child to be able to easily scrape through it to the bottom in order to make the words.
After spelling each word, give the container a light shake to
“clear the board,” then start on your next word.

This was a fun way to introduce our words for the week.
Afterwards, we poured the sugar back into the zip-lock bag and labeled it “Spelling Sugar” so we can use it again and again.

That’s it!  Pretty simple, and sure to be enjoyed by your kiddos!

Happy Spelling!