Pop 100 balloons in 100 seconds.
Create a self-portrait of what you’ll look like at age 100.
Scavenger hunt to find 100 hidden (in plain sight) pieces of candy.
Show and tell about your collection of 100 items.
Dress up as a 100 year old person, anyone?
Create a giant construction paper pizza with 100 toppings on it.
Guestimate which clear jar contains exactly 100 items.
Create a special snack mix with exactly 100 pieces in it
(10 each of 10 different items). 
And on top of all that madness, why not
Decorate your own heart-shaped cookie,
Eat a bunch of other sweets and treats,
And exchange Valentine’s cards with other little people?
Totally optional (but oh so fun):
Decorate your own Valentine’s box and bring it with ya.
Can you guess what we’re getting ready for around here?
Oh yes.
This is a really BIG DEAL, people.
We are gonna PARTY, PARTY, PARTY.
We’re even gonna
(I know, totally weird and unusual for homeschoolers but we’re gonna take a risk and try it).
The cutest little homemade invitations are going out to a couple of local families in tomorrow’s mail  and THEN–we will begin our 10 day countdown til our
100th Day of School Party
(with a little Valentine’s Love thrown in for good measure)!
Why all this fuss?
What’s the big deal, you wonder?
Cuz these kids are 100 DAYS SMARTER, that’s what!
And that is totally worth celebrating!
Now my only question: who on earth is going to come blow up all those balloons for me? 
Happy 100th Day of School Planning!