Here’s another fun spelling activity to try with your students! Directions: In a quart or gallon sized zip-lock storage bag, mix a very small amount (half the size of a small pea) of gel food coloring into approximately 1 cup of white table sugar. The sugar acts like a sand when you’re drawing in it, but if you are concerned that your little ones will try to EAT it, you could always use salt or white rice.  Both of these… Read more »

This is a wonderful (and rather well-known in the home school world) activity to teach kiddos about their place in the world.  We enjoyed it so much, and I found it to be so effective that I will surely use it again in the years to come with my other little ones.  .: The Idea Behind the Activity :. If you think about it, it’s a pretty confusing concept to children that they can live on their street, AND in… Read more »

I am pert’ near overwhelmed this week with thankfulness, that I had to stop, and in the spirit of praise, take a minute to share just a FEW of the many little things worth celebrating lately in this journey of life. 1. For my “big baby,” Josiah who is learning to sleep the WHOLE night in his own bed…we’re not there yet, but we’re close.  This transition has been hard for this  mama to enforce because I fully understand he only… Read more »

Hi friends! We are just now recovering from last week’s absolutely FUNtastic 100th Day of School Party! What a good time we had! 🙂 Yes, it was loud and crazy and at times a wee bit chaotic (12 kids ranging from 2 years old to 12 years old, surrounded by candy, snacks, balloons and friends basically boils down to excited mayhem)… BUT, in all, I’d say it was a wild success (with an emphasis on wild!) 😉  I gotta say, it… Read more »

I’ve always been a paper crafter, for as long as I can remember.  Oh, I have lots of proof too. My mom saved gads of artsy little things I brought home for her, from Kindergarten on through my elementary years.   And almost every single one of my elementary report cards has something written on it by my teachers, mentioning creativity as a strength (though… these comments are sometimes accompanied by remarks that I mustn’t rush through my work to do artwork…or that I was distractable…or… Read more »

As you may already know, my kids and I have been exploring the human body this month, and learning lots of interesting and amazing new things along the way.  Oh, what fun Science is!  It’s the one subject, that when we get going, I have to be really deliberate about watching the clock, or else entire afternoons are gone before I know it.  I’ve also enjoyed this unit and how we have blended science with art. 🙂 Did you know many districts do not start teaching… Read more »

Pop 100 balloons in 100 seconds. Create a self-portrait of what you’ll look like at age 100. Scavenger hunt to find 100 hidden (in plain sight) pieces of candy. Show and tell about your collection of 100 items. Dress up as a 100 year old person, anyone? Create a giant construction paper pizza with 100 toppings on it. Guestimate which clear jar contains exactly 100 items. Create a special snack mix with exactly 100 pieces in it (10 each of 10… Read more »