Some of you will remember that a while back, I posted about how we sometimes use
Along those same lines, today I wanted to show you some fun we had several weeks ago using 
Play-Doh in MATH.
At the time, my kindergartner was trying to memorize the last of her doubles addition facts,
and (as kids often do at first)
she kept mixing up 8+8=16 with 9+9=18.
So, to try to drive home those last two facts (and have a little hands-on fun) we busted out the Play-Doh, the cookie cutters, and the bakeware. 
(And yes, I really did cover my cookie sheet with parchment paper, and use real cupcake liners. 
This make-believe activity was fully legit!).
Naturally, for activities like this,
the little boys (ages 3 1/2 and 2) are invited to join in the fun,
which, of course, they happily did.
[sidenote: are my boys the only ones totally obsessed with kitchen utensils?!?!]
Together, we all had a great time making and “baking” our
(9 cookies + 9 more cookies = 18 cookies on our cookie sheet)
(8 cupcakes + 8 more cupcakes = 16 cupcakes in our pan).
We even set the kitchen timer while they all “baked” in the big oven.
While we waited, I used our addition flashcards to review the doubles facts with Eden again. 
And again.  And once more, before….ding!
It was time to pull the 
cookies and cupcakes out of the oven…
Decorate them…
And serve ’em up!
The kids really enjoyed this activity, and afterwards,
we all enjoyed a REAL snack. 🙂
Oh, and F.Y.I, my daughter never gets these two facts mixed up anymore, so hats off to
the powers of Play-Doh!   😉
Hope ya’ll are having your own giggly, fun-filled,
and HIGHLY educational
school day!