Hi all!  Just a quick post to show a fun way for your kiddos to
practice their spelling words

Last Christmas, someone got us the Cookie Monster Letter Lunch Play-doh Set, and a few days ago, I picked up a new pack of (delicious-smelling) Play-Doh since all our cans were crusty and dried up.
Mmmm, Play-doh. 
While we DO sometimes make our own playdough (and that’s fun too), ya just cannot beat the smell of the real stuff (c’mon, now–I know I’m not the only one who’s obsessed).
 My poor girl has a nasty cold and cough and was not feeling much like doing any school work yesterday, so in an effort to keep things fun and simple, I decided to pull out the letters that came with the Letter Lunch set and do a fun little spelling review.
She absolutely LOVED it, and I think it will be a fun addition to our regular spelling routine.
You could have your child use the letter molds to completely “cut out” the letter shapes, but after a trying a few different techniques, I found it was much quicker to have her roll out a section of compound (large enough to fit a whole word), and simply press the letter molds into it to create an impression.

If you don’t have letter-molds, no worries!  You could also use:
1). Magnetic letters  pressed carefully into the compound to make a letter impression.
2). Have your munchkin create each letter with a toothpick or a kid’s knife.
3). Roll out play-doh “snakes” and use them to create the letters needed to make the words.
If ya don’t have any fresh, store-bought play-doh laying around, make your own–it’s so easy! 
We’ll be using our play-doh again today to do cookie cutter addition
There are lots of other fun ideas at Play-doh’s website, by the way–click on the “Teacher” link, then go to “Lesson Plans.”  Everything is free and printable.
Happy Learning!