Round Hill Exhibit Farm

I’m a bit late in posting this one but 2 weeks ago, we got to spend the day exploring and enjoying TWO of our local farms: we spent the morning at Simmon’s Farm in McMurray, PA, and the afternoon at Round Hill Exhibit Farm in Elizabeth, PA.

Simmon’s Farm

Our visit to Simmon’s was not exactly out of the ordinary, as we have been there dozens of times.  Nor was it the BEST visit we’d ever had…let’s face it, Spring is the most wonderful time to visit your local farms; that’s when you’re just bound to find baby animals, and EVERYONE loves baby animals, right?
Here are some of our memorable moments with the barnyard babies this past year:

We have snuggled bunnies, gathered new chicks, and bottle-fed baby goats on some of our past visits.

But even though there were no babies for our visit this time, we still took full advantage of the beautiful November weather we’ve been having and we enjoyed all we could.

We absolutely love our local Simmon’s Farm,  because they actually let you go INTO the barnyard and interact with the animals up close.

This has been just wonderful for my kiddos (not to mention, it’s all free!).  We pass our farm on the way to the Library, so, weather permitting, we usually like to make a quick stop and check to see what’s new in the barnyard every couple of weeks.

As we had already done the hayride, pumpkin picking and corn maze routine this fall, we stuck with visiting the animals and picking apples for our visit.

And for whatever reason, the animals were REALLY relaxed on this day.

We said goodbye to Simmon’s, made a quick stop at the Library, then we met up with the Mister for a fun afternoon at Round Hill (Working) Exhibit Farm and Park. 
We have never visited there before (it’s really not IN our community–it was a bit of a hike down the highway) but we were absolutely delighted with what we discovered there.


The Farm itself is just breathtakingly beautiful.  Next year we will be sure to visit in Spring and Summer when the flower, vegetable and herb gardens are in full bloom. 

The kids thoroughly enjoyed feeding the ducks, which is not permitted at our neighborhood pond!
(not sure who ate more of the crackers–the kids or the ducks!)

One of the main reasons we chose to go in the afternoon was so that we could see the cows getting milked, which the kids had never seen. There were also three baby calves in the barn when we visited, and we got to pet and help feed them.

We watched as the Milker let the cows back out to pasture, and called the old horses (and one donkey) down, one by one for their dinner. 

The horse and pig barn was neat to walk through (brought back some memories for this country girl!). Joshua was particularly interested in the hay bale shoot.

The kids all enjoyed the spacious landscape, and had a good old time climbing trees and exploring the grounds.

We ended our fun family day with a stop at the Red Caboose on the way home for some hot dogs. 🙂
Two weeks later and the kids are still talking about all that we saw and did together. 
If you have not discovered your local farms yet, get out there and make some memories with your family while showing an appreciation for what our local farms do for our communities! 
Happy Field-Tripping!