Leaf Lanterns!
Aren’t they just so pretty?
I’ve seen this idea so many times and have always wanted to try it out. 
This year we finally did, and they turned out great!
Creating a few leaf lanterns is a simple & beautiful way to make use of all those colorful leaves you and/or your kiddos collect each fall. 
We used leaves we found here in our neighborhood and community (after we pressed them for a few days inside of heavy books).
If you didn’t collect any leaves this fall, get out there quick–there are still some colorful stragglers hanging on! 

How To’s:

To do this simple craft, you’ll want to pick up a glass candle holder or two at your local dollar or thrift store
(or use a few canning jars for smaller lanterns)
 grab some Mod-Podge and foam paint brushes, and you’re ready to go.

Paint a nice thick layer of the Mod-Podge on, then begin pressing your leaves into it.  Once they’re placed where you want them, coat them with a second layer of the Mod. 
We let ours dry for about 30 minutes before we painted on another layer over everything. 
You can add as many layers as you want.
Note: just be advised that the thicker leaves (like the one just below) definitely do not like to “stick” to the glass, and may puff out a bit, even after you’ve coated them with a few layers of the glue.  Also, we found it helpful to trim the stems very short in order to get them to stay down on the glass.

My three year old happily painted on my entire 2nd coat for me.  Mod-Podge is very forgiving and dries great no matter what, which is nice since kids are not exactly neat. =]
My 5 year old did her own, from start to finish, and it turned out beautifully.
Don’t cha’ think?

These lanterns are also quite lovely in the daytime, when you can see all the vibrant colors of the leaves.  I cannot decide where I will display mine yet–but I am certain I’ll be using them to decorate our table at Thanksgiving!
I do so love all things Fall. 
It’s just the most wonderful season, isn’t it?
What fall crafts are you up to?

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