One of our most favorite things to do together each December is to make (and give away)  a homemade nativity set.  First, I thought I’d share the one we made two years ago when my oldest was just 3.  Each of the main characters are made from a plastic dixie cup for the body, a painted wooden ball for the head, and popsicle sticks for the arms.  We use various scrap materials, ribbons and embellishments from our craft supplies for their clothing.  The… Read more »

Have a peek at the cutest littleThanksgiving place settings you’ve ever seen.  I’m only sorry that I’m just now getting around to posting this.  We worked on them a couple of weeks ago, but they were finally finished (and stuffed) only this morning. I originally thought these up as a cute way to add some fun to the kids’ table, as each one is “stuffed” with a gingersnap cookie and a mini cupcake, but I couldn’t resist making a few more to… Read more »

Start a new Thanksgiving tradition with your family this year and try these Gratitude Rolls. Have your kids help you mix and knead the dough. Let them hide the handwritten messages inside and help roll up each pizza-shaped butterhorn roll. This is togetherness at its finest. Follow this recipe to make the dough, and allow to rise for 2 hours until doubled in size. (We modified our recipe by using half whole wheat flour/ half white flour). Divide into six dough balls.  Begin… Read more »

Mmm, this one is seriously to die for.Of course this tastes best with fresh sweet corn, but you can ALWAYS use frozen corn, year round, to make yourself a pot of this goodness.  I’ve included a non-meat variation for this soup (’cause in this house, most meals are modified to keep the vegetarians, meat-o-tarians, and those in between, HAPPY). Follow the traditional recipe, and you’ll get myCheesy Vegetarian Corn ChowderWant it with some meat AND a kick? Follow the variations in green to getSpicy Corn Chowder with… Read more »

Round Hill Exhibit Farm I’m a bit late in posting this one but 2 weeks ago, we got to spend the day exploring and enjoying TWO of our local farms: we spent the morning at Simmon’s Farm in McMurray, PA, and the afternoon at Round Hill Exhibit Farm in Elizabeth, PA. Simmon’s Farm Our visit to Simmon’s was not exactly out of the ordinary, as we have been there dozens of times.  Nor was it the BEST visit we’d ever had…let’s… Read more »

Hi all!  Just a quick post to show a fun way for your kiddos to practice their spelling words… Last Christmas, someone got us the Cookie Monster Letter Lunch Play-doh Set, and a few days ago, I picked up a new pack of (delicious-smelling) Play-Doh since all our cans were crusty and dried up.Mmmm, Play-doh.  While we DO sometimes make our own playdough (and that’s fun too), ya just cannot beat the smell of the real stuff (c’mon, now–I know I’m not… Read more »

“Let us not be weary in well doing: for in due season we shall reap, if we faint not.” Gal. 6:9 “Whatsoever ye do, do it heartily, as to the Lord, and not unto men.” Col. 3:23 One inevitably comes to the place, in their walk with and ministry unto the Lord, where they are faced with the temptation to cease doing the good work to which he or she has been called. Perhaps the road has become long, tedious… Read more »

Leaf Lanterns! Aren’t they just so pretty? I’ve seen this idea so many times and have always wanted to try it out.  This year we finally did, and they turned out great! Creating a few leaf lanterns is a simple & beautiful way to make use of all those colorful leaves you and/or your kiddos collect each fall.  We used leaves we found here in our neighborhood and community (after we pressed them for a few days inside of heavy books). If you didn’t collect… Read more »

Some photos I snapped of the kids enjoying an early snow fall we got last week.  It was absolutely beautiful outside, and the snow was the wet and sticky kind–perfect for building. As the day warmed up, the snow melted. By evening it was gone.  Glad we made some memories while it lasted!