My friend, Becki, who blogs over at Organic Aspirations tipped me off to this wonderful idea–
Homemade sewing cards for children!

Using cardboard and old magazine pictures, I made about a dozen cards for my kids. 
 Eden (age 5 1/2)  has greatly enjoyed them, and even the little boys have given them a try (with varying levels of success). 🙂

This one was everyone’s favorite!  Christmas cookies!

Rainbow Fish (picture printed from the Internet) was also a big hit.

How To Make Your Own Set:

1. Cut apart a stiff cardboard box, or use chipboard from a craftstore.

2. Collect large, bright pictures from old magazines.  Be sure to choose ones where the picture is somewhat centered if you plan on outlining it in its entirety with holes.

3. Glue the pictures onto the NON-shiny side if using cardboard. Elmer’s glue-all worked just fine for ours. Rubber cement would also do the job.

Let the cards dry.

4. Carefully cut out using exacto knife, and bind all edges with clear packaging tape.

5. Drill the holes where you want them on the sewing card. I felt that 9/64 drill bit worked best to fit the yarn needles we used.

6. Present the card to your child, let them pick their color of yarn or string and start sewing!

If you’d like, you can tie a button or bead to the end of the string, to keep it from pulling through.  We taped the ends of ours to the back of the card so we didn’t have to keep attaching buttons. 
My girl wanted to switch colors frequently and also leave her finished work in place as she finished each card (she was so proud of each one!)  But at some point, I’ll pull it out so she can practice on her cards again.

What a great activity for those aspiring seamstresses, and a fun way to improve fine-motor skills too.

I also found this wonderful sewing card tutorial that is free and printable…all you really need is some colorful cardstock, string, and a hole punch to make this set!  Isn’t it great?

We had so much fun making the sewing cards, we went on to draw and stitch out a
homemade birthday card for a family member’s birthday!

1. Draw out picture

2. Color in lightly and poke holes.

3. Help your child stitch with yarn or string.

4. Cut out, mount onto cardstock, and give to someone special!

Don’t you think Fall and Winter are the perfect seasons to make a set of sewing cards with your kiddos?
  Give it a try; it’s fun, easy, and there is practically no-cost involved!

Happy Sewing! 🙂