I don’t like to cause anyone stress. 
I prefer to inspire and encourage.
For example, I feel badly when I post about big projects we enjoy doing,
and some of you come away with the feeling of,
 “Oh my word. Who on earth has time for that?! 
I’m overwhelmed just looking at it.”
Big frown.
I don’t like to cause these feelings. 
At the same time, I DO so enjoy big projects.  I frequently bite off more than I should, and spend far too long doing things that are a bit over-the-top, or what others might see as a waste of time.

But I was made to create.
Whether it be writing, crafting, cooking…I find joy in the process of creating.

I love to see beautiful finished products, the labor of my work. 
I love seeing a cool idea and making it even better. 

That’s just me though.  I’m a crafty mama, what can I say? 
I am not artsy-fartsy in a Van Goehish kind of way, but I am creative in a teacher-turned-mom, Martha-Stewart kind of way.
The BEST thing about it is that I get to do these crafty, creative things with my kids now.
And that’s just awesome.
HOWEVER, I know some of you are busy juggling WAY more than I am, and big projects are just not as do-able for ya.  I want to be able to pass along to YOU, some of the fun things we do, WITHOUT totally overwhelming you and making you feel badly that you are unable to do giant craft projects on top of everything else you already do.
So, the other night, after a friend of mine commented about never feeling like she has TIME to do certain fun projects (like make homemade books with her big girl who is into writing and would totally love it) I thought, Hm, let’s find a happy medium here. 
I wondered,
How many wonderful little homemade books can I make in, say, 
10 minutes time,
using the fewest and most basic everyday-art-supplies? 
What would be the easiest way to make them if I were not a former scrapbooker and did not HAVE fancy shmancy card stock sitting around my house?
After my little brainstorming session, I got to book-making. 
And yes, I did time myself. 
Truth be told, I made 10 books in under 15 minutes (I lolly gagged toward the end there, and took photos as I went along).  I am certain I could have finished in under 10 minutes flat if I were focused 🙂
Here is my easy-version tutorial for homemade books. 

And honestly, your little writers will be THRILLED with them!!
(plus, they won’t ever even know what they’re missing with all the fancy papers and embellishments).

Let your kiddos help with the folding / book making, and they’ll be even more excited.

Supplies needed:
10 pieces of Construction Paper
40 pieces of Printer paper (8×11)
Optional: Scissors
Fold each piece of construction paper in half, hamburger style
(you can let your little one do this step)
Taking 4 pieces of printer paper at a time, fold them up, hamburger style
Insert printer paper pages into book cover and staple three times alone the edge.
You’re done!
Now you can line up your beautiful set of blank books and admire them.
Add a few title plates on the front cover, or use fancy scissors to make the edges of your book look more interesting.
Store your books in a place where your little writer(s) can easily access them, so when they get the urge to write, they can get right to it!
Bing, bang, boom, it’s that easy! 

And guess what?  I left these out this morning where my kids could find them, and right after breakfast, the 5 year old AND the 3 year old both made their own picture stories. 

Ok, so the 3 year old actually only drew on ONE page,
then proceeded to glue all the other pages together with his glue stick, but hey!
It’s his book! 😉