Because we are using an adjusted schedule,
with breaks at different times than allowed for in the
regular school year schedule,
today actually marks our
30th day of school.
If you are familiar at all with Kindergarten,
(and the younger elementary grades)
then you know counting up to the 100th day of school
is a major part of the curriculum. 

Of course, it all culminates in a big 100th day of school PARTY.

Last year, my super-homeschool-mommy friends, Carol and Erin, hosted an awesome 100th day of school party for a few homeschool families, and I cannot wait to do the same this year–especially since my kids will have more of a clue this year than they did last!

One way you can help your kiddos better grasp the concept of 100, is by celebrating each increment of 10 along the way.

This morning, after the 3 and 5 year old took turns counting up to 100
we counted out some things we had in our schoolroom/family room:
30 seashells
30 glass counters
30 popsicle sticks
Then my kiddos each took a bucket and went on a hunt for 30 items.
Joshua filled his bucket with 30 cars and trains.
Eden filled her basket with 30 balls.
The big baby, Siah, helped…kind of.
Afterwards, we counted out and enjoyed 30 frozen blueberries each.  =]
We also talked about how fun our 100th day of school party is going to be!
We’re well on our way!
Please leave a comment with your own counting-up-to-100 ideas.

Happy Counting!