Week 3

Read aloud and discuss Genesis 41
Joseph interprets Pharoah’s dream, and prepares for famine.  Grain is stored up by God’s wise servant, Joseph.  The grain will be used to care & provide for ALL the people of the world, and eventually, Joseph’s family too.

Trace a barn template onto a piece of red construction paper.
Have your child cut it out, and also cut out the doors so they open up. Fold them back.
Glue barn onto another (whole) piece of construction paper.  Do NOT glue down the doors.

Inside the doors, spread glue all over, forming what will be a large heap.
Glue down grain (or oatmeal or rice if no grain is available).

Inside the doors, glue a small Joseph, with his arms raised up.

Your child can color and cut out this picture of the resurrected Christ, and glue it onto the back side of the construction paper, showing the parallel between Joseph and Jesus.

Joseph was in betrayed, falsely accused, and thrown into prison.
Jesus was betrayed, falsely accused, and crucified.

Joseph was raised up out of prison and was seated at Pharoah’s right hand, where he provided food for all.
Jesus was raised up from the grave, and was seated at God the Father’s right hand, where he provides for all our needs.

This Week’s Scripture:

My God shall supply all of your needs, according to His riches in glory.
-Phil 4:19 

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