Week 2:

Read and discuss Genesis 37:12-36, 39

Joseph is falsely accused, and thrown into prison.  Yet, he continues to trust God, and he is given favor.

*For parents wanting to remain true to the story, yet be sensitive to subjects such as rape (Potiphar’s wife accuses Joseph of attempting to rape her), we suggest you simply explain that Potiphar’s wife was NOT a kind woman, and she did not love God, and she decided to lie to get Joseph in trouble.  She told a lie and said Joseph tried to grab her, even though he never did.

I did an original craft for this one, and it turned out so cute.  The children really enjoyed it. 

You will need:  2 pieces of brown construction paper, three or four long, thin strips of black construction paper, glue, and Joseph character, drawn onto thick paper (flesh colored or white), crayons.

I did my Joseph free-hand in black marker.  You can do it too, I’m sure.  Just do your best. Your kids won’t notice if it’s a little rough.
You need to draw his body and head on BOTH sides of the thick paper, so it is a mirror image, front to back.

On one side, make Joseph’s face frowning.
Flip it around, and on the other side, make him smiling!
Have your child color and cut out Joseph.

To make your JAIL, using one piece of brown construction paper, cut out a frame.

Then glue the black prison bars onto the frame.
Have your child glue the sides and bottom of the brown frame (NOT the top) down onto the other piece of brown paper.
Now you should have a jail cell that has an open top.
He can now be put into prison. 
Poor Joseph!
(Our jail is lookin’ a little beat up because it has been played with repeatedly over the past few weeks!)
Even though he was sad that he had been rejected by his brothers, and now falsely accused and imprisoned, he still blessed the Lord, and God was with him and gave him favor.
(Have your child turn Joseph around so he is smiling).
And eventually, he was released, and RAISED UP to sit at Pharoah’s right hand!  He left that jail behind!

We added Joseph’s family at this point too, which you could also do, as a further option to show how God gave him favor.

(Plus, I knew my girl would be THRILLED to color a princess wife for Joseph, as well as their baby boys, Manasseh and Ephraim!)
Now Joseph is REALLY smiling! 

As an option, you can have your child color, cut out, and glue a picture of Jesus, on the cross, side by side with the resurrected Christ on the BACK of the jail cell.

And for moms and dads, this is a great time to turn to and meditate on the powerful prophecy concerning Christ, found in Isa. 53.  In fact, it would be a great passage to work on as a family to memorize!

Scripture Verse for the Week:
I will bless the Lord at ALL TIMES; His praise shall continually be in my mouth.
-Psalm 34:1