Read aloud and discuss Genesis 37:1-10
Joseph, the favored son of Jacob, is given an ornate coat of colors.  He is despised and hated by his brothers for this, as well as for the dreams he shares with them.

Coat of Many Colors
We printed and used this template.
It worked out alright.  Nice and simple. 

The words had to be put into the correct order for the verse, and my kids kind of liked that.

Next time, I’d use the scripture at the bottom, and decorate the coat with paint, or maybe different colored ribbons…that would be prettier!

For a fantastic article on the significance of this “coat of many colors” for us as believers, check out:

Teach your kids:

Joseph is the favored son, and is given a beautiful, ornate robe to wear.

Jesus is God’s favored son (and in him, we are also favored sons and daughters of God), having been clothed in robes of righteousness.

Scripture Verse for the Week:

Jacob loved Joseph more than any of his other children because Joseph had been born to him in his old age. So one day Jacob had a special gift made for Joseph—a beautiful robe.

-Genesis 37:3

What ways do we see God’s favor in our lives and family?  What gifts has He bestowed upon us?