Welcome to the Story of Joseph mini-unit.

Before you consider doing this unit together as a family, or with your children, I would encourage you to read (or re-read) the account for yourself, in its entirety, in Genesis chapters 37 and 39-50.

As you read, ask the Lord to “open your eyes, that you may behold wonderful things from His Word!”
(Ps. 119: 18)

If you are unfamiliar with or have never studied Biblical typology, you may want to brace yourself to be totally blown away by this story as it relates to Christ.

In the Bible, there are many instances in which a person, event, or system from the OLD Testament  foreshadows, illustrates, or typifies Jesus Christ, his life, ministry and death, and also very often, His soon approaching 2nd coming.

The account of Joseph is one such story.

In fact, many scholars believe it to be the clearest and most detailed illustration, or type of Christ in all the Old Testament. 
Thirteen chapters of the book of Genesis have been dedicated the story of Joseph, and the parallels to Christ are as numerous as they are detailed.
Personally, I can think of few accounts that even come close to matching it.

In addition, many believers recognize this account to have eschatelogical depth–that it speaks not only of God’s salvation for the Gentiles, but also of God’s plan for His beloved, yet wayward, covenant people,
The Jews~and points to their final salvation (a la Romans 11:25-26) at the end of the age.
Some of the more obvious parallels between Joseph and Jesus will be explained in this short unit for children.

For those of you who desire further study, I would highly recommend:

The Joseph and Jesus Pages

An absolutely comprehensive, chapter by chapter study of Genesis 37, 39-50, as it relates to the plan of God in Christ Jesus.  Available free online.

Joseph, Jesus and the Jewish People

A remarkable and insightful book by C.V. Tripp, linking the details within the story of Joseph to Jesus’ first and second advents.

As well as this excellent end-times-themed (short) study, available online:

The Revelation of Joseph

May the Lord speak to you and your family from His Word as you seek Him together!