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Originally, I needed help keeping my 1 1/2 and 3 year old boys busy for a bit in the morning while I worked with my big kindergartener.
My teacher friend, Jennie, suggested I try making one of these sensory boxes for them… 
Here’s our Construction Site Box:
I used one of our small bins, put in a few cups of fish tank pebbles
(I’m with pinkandgreenmama, no sand in the house). 
Then I added some larger “boulders” out of one of my decorative vases, added some moss and fake plants, and then Joshua rounded up his construction trucks
I even found a pack of cool little construction signs and cones at the dollar store!
Gotta love the little details.
The boys (and even my big girl) are pretty much obsessed with this little construction site.
It’s already provided hours and hours of imaginative, sensory play! 

And it’s gone to grandma’s house and back already.

Yes, the big baby sometimes makes a bit of a mess with it. 
It cleans up easily though, and they are getting better and better at keeping all the little pebbles
INside the box.
We decided to make an ocean sensory box!
Are ya ready to go Under the Sea with us. . .?

Ta Da!
Lots of sensory things going on in this one:
Dollar store blue and green stones (found 3 different sizes for more sensory variety),
Dollar store mermaids (we already had),
AND squishy dollar store sea creatures, textured shells and acquatic plants! 
And a rock from the backyard.  =]
Kids love the sea creatures, and enjoy taking turns hiding them under the “water,”
then letting the other one find them. 
Somewhere under there there’s also a chest of buried treasure, left over, and repurposed from our pirate bday bash in spring!
We have tried several kinds of boxes.  We created a farm box (everyone has farm animals, right?) and we decided to try oatmeal for the barn yard…
Did NOT go well.
The baby thought it would be fun to sprinkle and throw the oats
I really should have taken a picture.
Anyway, now the farm box is no more.

This one turned out great, though! 
It’s Eden’s Into the Woods box…
We love nature, and spend a great deal of time in our woods, so making this one one was really special.
Rocks, flower and greenery are all from our house.

The branch and sticks are from the woods.

At Michael’s we found the moss, the nest, a pack of eggs, and the bird (she came with a couple of small cardinal babies which are MIA at the moment). 
I hotglued the nest to the branch because it kept tipping over in play, and the eggs would fall to the forest floor!
And Mama Bird MUST keep her eggs safe and away from prowling predators!
Lookout for that snake, Mama bird! 

These boxes are a BLAST to make with your kids. 
And I don’t know about you, but I think it’s so fun to reuse, recycle and repurpose things you ALREADY have around the house
(like all those little toys buried at the bottom of the toybox),
and spending very little (think: dollar store) to make something that is this much fun.
How about ONE more pic? 
This is our Dinosaur Box
Seriously? How cool is THIS!?! 
Dollar store comes through, ONCE again! 
Can you spot the dinosaur bones? (what a bonus-the bones were 2 for $1)
Sensory boxes are wonderful.  You must try them if you have little ones!
Come on, what kid wouldn’t love one of these? 
It will keep them busy, and encourage imaginative play.

OH–and I’ve given 2 boxes so far as birthday gifts, and they were a hit!
I suggest you use bins that can store easily under a bed or chair, or some other place, and bring them out when the kids are bored. 
Then depending on your kids’ ages, you will want them to ASK before getting them out…

Ok, you’ve hopefully been inspired.  Now it’s your turn!
And I’d LOVE to hear your ideas for other sensory boxes.
Have a happy day with your kids!

2 thoughts on “Sensory Fun Boxes

  1. Crafty Homeschool Mama

    Hi Justyn! Thanks so much for stopping by. I would maybe try a farm-themed sensory box with little farm animals from around the house…or maybe a tub of sensory balls (all different types, pom poms, squishy, textured balls, golf balls, light-up balls). Or maybe when it’s hot out, a water sensory tub with all sorts of rubbery, floaty things they could slash with. Or perhaps wooden blocks and small wooden peg dolls? That age also seems to like crunchy textures and nested items (boxes, containers, etc). Mine will be there before long, so you’ve got me thinking now!
    Good luck! ~Joanna

  2. Justyn @ Creative Christian Mama

    We haven’t done sensory boxes, but I absolutely love the idea! I’m thinking I’ll do one a month to build up a good collection.
    Do you happen to have any tips for good things to use for a fourteen-month-old who eats everything? I’d like to make baby-safe sensory boxes for her, because she tries to eat *everything*! 🙂

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