Sun’s up! Cock-a-doodle-doo!
Get out of bed, there’s much to do

Put on your boots and head to the barn
It’s another busy day here on the farm!

Milk the cows and
Put out the sheep
Throw the slop to the pigs and
 The hay to the horsies

Check on the eggs, and the little chicks too
Then pick some sunflowers when you’re through
Head to the garden with a basket on your arm
There’s so much to do each day on the farm!
Want to MAKE YOUR OWN fabulous felt barnyard?

1. Gather:  a needle and thread (OR fabric glue), permanent markers, fabric scissors, and an assortment of rectangular felt pieces (.29cents/ea). 
You’ll also need a larger piece of green and blue felt for the background (grass and sky).
2. Search for pictures of farm animals, barns, etc, on the internet and when you find the one you like, practice sketching it a few times on paper with your permanent markers before trying it on the felt.
For some of the animals, I drew and cut out a paper template first, and traced around it onto the felt before filling in the details with marker. 
(*Note: this project took us a few days to complete, working here and there, as time allowed).

3. Once you’ve colored your animals 
(and re-colored if you want them to really look vibrant),
cut them out with good, sharp fabric scissors.

4. Stitch or glue on the details that can’t be drawn 
(stems for veggies, dress, face and hair of farm girl/boy)

5.  Now, have fun setting up your farm with your kiddos

6.  Finally, you’ll want to employ a few other farm-hands to help you care for your farm–it’s just too much work for ONE little person to do by themselves!

More felt crafts coming soon!

Happy day!