Happy Monday, fellow home schoolers!

Well, while the rest of the western world sends their little ones back to school this week and next, and adjusts to 6am wake up calls (or earlier), groggy kiddos, the morning scramble and rush to get out the door, begins the exhausting drop-off, pick-up cycle (not to mention all the extracurricular activity buzz), gets used to a whole host of new faces and personalities, and frets about their sweet ones being gone for several hours each day,
you and your little homeschoolers can just smile and wave…

From your bed, if you like. 

Why not snooze for a bit this morning before going out to enjoy the gorgeous summer weather?

Go the pool a few more times, and enjoy the quiet.

Because for you, summer with your kids doesn’t have to end today, or this week.

You don’t have to scramble.
So take a deep breath, and relax. 

Now thank the Lord for your little chicks, and for the blessing of having them close under your wings for another year. 
For the opportunity to teach them yourself.
For the joy their company brings.
For the precious and exhausting stage you are in, which you KNOW (don’t you?) is passing by so very quickly, and will be gone tomorrow!

For your kids’ hearts and futures, and for this job you’ve been called to do. 
It may not be for everyone, but you know it’s for you.

So enjoy it today. Savor it.

Take a few more days to get your head on straight to face a new schoolyear.
To pray for grace and strength.
To brainstorm a plan for juggling your school age kiddos with the needs of your toddlers or baby without totally going crazy.
While you’re at it, pray for all your mama friends who have their kiddos in regular school, or who have to juggle a big job with mommy-hood.  They (and their children) will need a special grace too.

Then, maybe tomorrow, or the day after, or next week, start crackin’ the whip.

Routine is going to be so VERY important for you AND your little learners.

We have a great year ahead of us, and there’s lots to learn and see and do!

But today…
just smile and wave, smile and wave.

2 thoughts on “Back to School (Well, not QUITE yet)

  1. Crafty Homeschool Mama

    @Mama E
    The only thing I can suggest to to follow His voice, and His gentle leading. Then you’ll be right where you’re supposed to be and there won’t be any guilt in it (well, less, anyway!)
    Homeschooling really, truly is not for everyone, but if God wants you guys to go in that direction, He’ll make a way.
    And if not, he’ll give you the grace for the place He has ya!
    Maybe down the road? (You’d be amazing, btw).
    Take it a step at a time; you guys are incredible, Em, and are doing an awesome job w/ your kids.
    Yay for Bible memorization!
    Tips: Jon needs to lead the way in introducing and reciting a new verse (enthusiastically).

    Mine always resist at first too.

    Speak it, speak it, speak it. Check out Susan Hunt’s Book: ABC Bible Verses. It’s awesome b/c it has a little story w/ each verse. Joey would love it.
    You’re doing amazing, give yourself a break and keep lovin’ your kids with Christ’s love.

  2. Mama E

    Just checking in! Love what you are doing here so far. I wish I had the patience, confidence and intelligence to home school. I really do. I am seeing more and more the beauty that is homeschooling done in a Godly way. Alas, I have not the patience, confidence, intelligence or the financial ability any longer to stay home with my babes. Sometimes I wonder if we were disobedient in me going back to work full time. It really just SEEMED as though it was God’s providing hand with where we were/are at, but at the same time, I was planning on doing homeschool preschool. Just thought I would tell you that we are working on Josephine’s first bible verse memorization. Romans 12:2. My feisty girl is fighting it every step of the way. Any suggestions on how to help make this a FUN activity for her as opposed to a battle?

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